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70 Rue Saint-Jean
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, J3H 0B2


Style Expert in Montreal helping professional women aged 30 to 45 develop their sense of style by building their wardrobe. Personal Stylist.

Style Expert, Personal Branding expert, Dress how you want to be addressed! I help overwhelmed women & men style themselves to acheive the confidence to take on life as a leader. Change your life with style. Become the most powerful version of you NOW!Fashion stylist, stylist, personal stylist, style expert, personal brand consultant, image consulting, Image consultant, personal shopper


Styliste personnelle


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Example: I like A-line skirts that define my waist, but also shift dresses for casual events. I hate cap sleeves or batwing (dolman) sleeves and miniskirts.
Please list any fabrics you are allergic to or ones you avoid for ethical reasons (example: fur, leather).
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Example: I like heels, but rarely wear any heel over 2" now. I prefer jeans to dresses, but want things that can be dressed up/down.
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Seasonal trips to the cobbler, funds for alterations, dry cleaning, etc.
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