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Style Expert in Montreal helping professional women aged 30 to 45 develop their sense of style by building their wardrobe. Personal Stylist.

Style Expert, Personal Branding expert, Dress how you want to be addressed! I help overwhelmed women & men style themselves to acheive the confidence to take on life as a leader. Change your life with style. Become the most powerful version of you NOW!Fashion stylist, stylist, personal stylist, style expert, personal brand consultant, image consulting, Image consultant, personal shopper


Styliste personnelle

Sharon Warten Personal Stylist in Montreal helping career women dress to achieve confidence

How to wear, comment porter, how to style an outfit, Best Personal Fashion Stylist in Montreal, Styliste personnelle, Personal shopper Montreal Style Expert, Personal Branding expert, Image Consultant, Dress how you want to be addressed! I help overwhelmed women & men style themselves to acheive the confidence to take on life as a leader. Change your life with style. Become the most powerful version of you NOW!Fashion stylist, stylist, personal stylist,style expert,personal brand consultant, image consulting, styliste personnelle,Image consultant, personal shopper

Your image is an investment and raises your confidence
No more stressing on time and money wasted on clothes that don’t suit your lifestyle and career goals.
* Your style and clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence.


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DRESS WITH INTENTION!  Honouring yourself, this will make you look good and feel better. I make you think about your mood, colours you love, your age, type of event or lifestyle you have.  This is called dressing with intention. This means you dress with a specific purpose in mind. You want to attract a certain outcome, you want to be seen in a certain way. I teach women to define their style to achieve confidence. Be mindful to live your best life with Style! Become the most powerful version of you NOW! My goal is to help overwhelmed, unhappy, anxious women(and men) create realistic wearable wardrobes to make you feel alive and with purpose. Style is a tool to get what you want in life! My top priority is for you to have a life changing experience to give you the ultimate confidence in your look in all roles of life. Your clothing needs to make sense for your lifestyle and personal taste and bring you style 9:00-9:00! I'm not changing you, i'm fine tuning your clothes to become the most impressive version of you Now! Dress how you want to be ADDRESSED!

Avoid starting the day frazzled by having all your outfits planned for you.

As a Boss Mom of 2 kids, 2 puppies, 1 cat and a husband I know all about the value of time, let me create the ultimate wardrobe for you so you can concentrate on what's most important. I will find you clothes that transition you from day time career woman to on the field Soccer Mom. As your style expert I will ensure that your look will give you authority in the boardroom straight to the bedroom!

Ever notice that some people look more polished, put-together, and confident… without even trying? Feel like you’ve invested the effort and money to look your best but always end up feeling a little disappointed with the results? Maybe you think that there are just a few naturally fabulous individuals out there who can grab anything hanging in their closet, slap on some lip balm, and look photo-shoot ready? Think again! Cultivating personal style is an art. It takes skill, time, and effort… and sometimes it takes a professional.

Your personal style makes a memorable and powerful statement to the world about who you are and where you are headed. Unfortunately, when it comes to enhancing their image, most men and women don’t know where to begin. Many people have a vision of what they want to look like, but most have trouble executing the concepts they have in their minds. If you are frustrated and discouraged with your current wardrobe and are ready for a style makeover, consider the services of a Personal Stylist.

Mon objectif est de créer une garde-robe réaliste et portable. Votre vêtement doit avoir un sens pour votre style de vie et votre goût personnel. Je ne te change pas, juste tes vêtements pour devenir la version la plus impressionnante de toi maintenant! Visez comment vous voulez être ADRESSÉ!


Avez-vous déjà remarqué que certaines personnes semblent plus élégantes, distinguées et confiantes, et ce sans même essayer? Avez-vous parfois l’impression d’avoir investi beaucoup d’efforts et d’argent pour être à votre meilleur puis d’être déçu du résultat? Peut-être pensez-vous qu’il n’y a que quelques personnes naturellement élégantes qui peuvent …enfiler n’importe quel vêtement dans leur placard, se mettre un peu de gloss sur les lèvres et avoir l’air d’une photo de magazine? Détrompez-vous! Cultiver un style personnel est un art. Il faut avoir des compétences, du temps et y mettre les efforts nécessaires. Mais parfois, il faut l’aide d’un professionnel.

Votre style personnelle doit produire une impression durable et puissante. Il doit montrer qui vous êtes et où vous voulez aller. Malheureusement, quand il s’agit d’améliorer de leur image, la plupart des gens ne savent pas par où commencer. Nombre d’entre eux ont en tête ce qu’ils veulent, mais ont du mal à le mettre en application. Si vous êtes frustré et découragé par votre garde-robe actuelle et que vous êtes prêt pour un changement, faites appel à un styliste personnelle.