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70 Rue Saint-Jean
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, J3H 0B2


Style Expert in Montreal helping professional women aged 30 to 45 develop their sense of style by building their wardrobe. Personal Stylist.

Style Expert, Personal Branding expert, Dress how you want to be addressed! I help overwhelmed women & men style themselves to acheive the confidence to take on life as a leader. Change your life with style. Become the most powerful version of you NOW!Fashion stylist, stylist, personal stylist, style expert, personal brand consultant, image consulting, Image consultant, personal shopper


Styliste personnelle


Stuart Brazelle

Stuart Brazell

Sharon is a talented, caring stylist who really takes the time to get to know her clients. She goes above and beyond to meet your needs!

Antoinette Dicarlo Couture




Antoinette Dicarlo - Dicarlo Couture

Thank you for connecting us(Stuart Brazell) from near & far!!!! A true stylist at heart with the ability to recognize the right match!


Sandra Napoletano

Very professional and is very thoughtful to every detail I was telling her and she delivered an excellent service. She exactly found what i was looking for! I highly recommend to everyone!!

testimonial personal stylist

Your help in organizing my closet was a huge help. Clearing out clothes that no longer fit whether too big or too small just to appear to have a huge wardrobe was really an eye opener as to what we really need. Also, your help in choosing party styles was extremely appreciated & I received tons of compliments. Sometimes it just takes a few minor switches or additions to have a great outfit! Thanks again!

testimonial personal stylist

Amazing !! Loved this experience so much, was immediately put at ease by asking what really mattered to me regarding my wardrobe. She wasn't trying to push a certain look or style on me. She also agreed that style doesn't have to be all super high-end designers - a good mix of quality pieces inserted goes a long way. She helped me part with pieces I had grown out of and prepared kits and notes about how to assemble each outfit. Many things I would have never attempted together but she gave me confidence to try them. Additionally, she made some suggestions about pieces I might want to purchase to further enhance what I already have and hopefully create even more stylish outfits. I also challenged her with a budget and requests and she hit them dead on, loved all her purchases. I can't wait to consult with her again. I don't think you can go wrong hiring her to get you moving in the right, stylish direction.

testimonial personal stylist

Merci pour tes bons conseils de beaute. Je n'ai que de bons commentaires! C'est vraiment ca qui mefallait.Tu as ete a l'ecoute de mes besoins.Merci de ne pas m'avoir fait sentir de pression.

J'ai tellement hate que tu viennes organiser mon garde-robe et que tu me conseilles sur les must qui me manquent afin de rehausser mon style. J'adore!!!