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Personal stylist in Montreal helping professional women aged 30 to 45 develop their sense of style by building their wardrobe.


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Fashion, style, outfit inspiration, fashion stylist, virtual stylist


Sharon Warten

I've tried plenty of strapless and sticky bra products in my 38 years of life but had yet to been completely satisfied with a product...until NOW. I actually contacted Brassybra and told them how I had tried numerous products out there and didn't want to spend another dime unless the product worked. Here's the other catch, I am full chested and wear a 34D(as a stylist I know how to hide them well and a lot of heavy duty trickerie). Obviously Brassybra caught my eye and I looked into some reviews all by women who were well endowed. 

Brassybra is a Norwegian unique adhesive tape bra. It is the first bra that mimics your skin for 8 hours of wear. Sizes are A-DDDD/G! No this is not a typo. When I saw the sizing I knew I had to try it.

Guess what? It really does work. I watched the tutorial on how to effectively stick them on and it held up the girls as stated. My one piece of advice is to take your time when applying it, have clean skin and apply the tapes while looking into the mirror. 

I give this product a thumbs up! No more worrying about bra straps showing.